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“In your business, the idea is the most important thing – implementing and presenting it. Your team is always full of modern ideas with an ‘edge.’ Turning those ideas into visuals is your strong suit. Good luck in the advertising jungle.”

CEO Darius Blažinskas

“We publish a magazine of true stories for the IT community. All we prepare are the stories and the photos, so we require quality, speed, and focus on the design agent’s part. ST Impress lets us publish a quality journal on time. I am very happy with their general work, speed and quality. Excellent!”

CMO for the Baltic states Simonas Stūrys

“You begin to value people like these. You don’t have to tell them what to do and how to do it. They create instead of design. They create new solutions – ones whose results exceed your expectations. Thank you for being there and for the excellent opportunity to work together.”

Regional Sales Manager Egidijus Gegeckas

“We are grateful for ST Impress. Every year, with their help, we can offer impressive catalogues that follow the latest design trends to the Lithuanian education community.
We are happy to see that, when creating these publications, all we need to do is tell them the vision we imagine and want. ST Impress always delivers.”

Project manager RŪTA KAIRYTĖ

“While working with ST Impress, I’m always delighted by their dependability, flexibility, rapid work, and knowledge of their field! We don’t recommend them to our competitors :)”

CEO Vaidas Rutkauskas

“This team understands their work very well. They have and develop clear project management and they professionally and attentively serve their clients. Therefore, their projects (orders) are fulfilled on time, and they are done well for the right price.”

CMO Boleslovas Vengrys

“What do we think of ST Impress? They are amazing! Always on time, always done well, and we always feel like we got more than we agreed upon. They notice things we hadn’t even thought of, fix our mistakes (if any remain), and advise us… They come highly recommended :)”

Marketing & Communication Manager East European Region Gintarė Junevičiūtė

“We thank the great team at ST Impress for their excellent ideas, their great work, their endless patience, their thorough consultations, and their rapid response to any problems that arise. We are glad to work and improve together!”

Advertising and marketing specialist LILIJA ŠČIOLKOVA

“We’ve been choosing ST Impress for 5 years because of their excellently implemented original ideas, creativity, and great attention to details. Basically, for excellent work in every way.”


“We’ve been working with ST Impress for 8 years and are very happy with the quality of their services. Smooth cooperation, quickly completed orders, flexibility in fulfilling the client’s needs, creativity and professionalism. We definitely recommend them!”

Manager Jurgita Vujčik

“We work with you because you’re professional, creative, effective and honest.”

Financial / Document Controller Eglė Urbašiūtė

“We’ve worked with ST Impress for many years because they always hear what we want and offer the very best solutions. They fulfill their orders quickly and always provide the highest quality! As truly professional marketers, they know how to impress us. Thank you for being there!”

Human Resources Manager Zita Krūkonytė

“We are happy to have worked together with the ST Impress team – they work quickly, rapidly, and very well. We always receive their professional perspective and assistance, even when we need it at the last minute. Their honest and pleasant communication helps overcome even the most difficult tasks.”

Head of the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra STASYS PANCEKAUSKAS

“I’ve worked with the ST Impress agency for many years because their employees stick to our agreements and deadlines. They fulfill their orders quickly, thoroughly, consciously and well while helping to find solutions in unique situations when I’m short on time.”

Marketing Project Manager Rita Zaborskienė

“I want to thank the employees of ST Impress for their pleasant and effective work together with us, as well as the quality of the services they provide and the professional completion of their tasks. You always provide the optimal solutions while considering the client’s needs, desires, and demands.”

Assistant to the traditional retail manager in Lithuania JUSTINA SKARŽAUSKAITĖ

“I love their informal approach towards the work they do – they work the way they want to, they share plenty of ideas and thoughts, and they always offer a way to do things even better. We’ve been working together for six years, so I can confidently say that I completely trust the competency of their employees. Not only is the work done well, it is always on time.”

Marketing Project Manager ASTA AMBRAZEVIČIENĖ

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