About us

     "ST Impress" is a creative marketing agency, implementing marketing goals for organizations. The company has been established in 2006. Our project managers and people in the creative team have got six to ten years experience of working in the marketing and advertising industry.

     With the excessive amount of information in our society as well as the increasing similarity between different products, services and their qualities, an exceptionally remarkable positioning is necessary in order to draw attention to a product. The deep rooted emotional needs of consumers have the biggest influence on choosing a particular brand. Therefore exceptionality, which affects both mind and emotions by being impressive, becomes a crucial factor.

     Our mission is to create value for organizations and their customers through creative and effective marketing communication.

     For us effective marketing communication means exceptional branding, which is achieved through the power of emotions and impressions, as well as integrated marketing solutions, used for communicating with your company's target customers.

    •  Innovative creative solutions.
    •  Impression and emotions, which give people an additional impulse and satisfaction with the product or service.
    •  Integrated marketing solutions, which help to achieve an integrated and strong branding as well as effective communication.
    •  Constant communication and exceptional attention, which lead to achieving optimal results. 

      Start to impress!

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